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What can you do with ShoutOUT SMS API?

Sending SMS

Send SMS to any number from your application by using our SDKs or REST API with branding (Sending SMS with branding is subject to availability in some countries)

SMS Alerts & NotificationsOrder status alertsSMS RemindersDiscounts & Promotions
Receiving SMS
featureAllow your users to send message via a long number to your application. Contact us for more details.
SMS VotingGet Feedbacks via SMSCustomer support via SMSTwo-way communication
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featurePower up your application with Two Factor Authentication with OTP API. We provide OTP code generation and API validation, and you only have take care of your application logic.
Number VerificationTwo Factor Authentication


Direct Connectivity
Reliable direct connectivity to multiple telecom operators in different regions.
Sender IDs
Obtain alphanumeric sender IDs to match your business name
High Reliability
We guarantee you of 99.93% uptime with auto scaling and zero maintenance windows
Easy Integration
Seamless and hassle-free integration of SDKs and REST API with any platform

Our Clients, Our Assets

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ShoutOUT Customer Emojot
ShoutOUT Customer Mogo Super
ShoutOUT Customer Odoc
ShoutOUT Customer Scissors

How to Integrate?

Try sample code for your favorite language and see how simple our SMS API is.

// Installation

npm install shoutout-sdk --save

// Usage

var ShoutoutClient = require('shoutout-sdk');


var debug = true, verifySSL = false;

var client = new ShoutoutClient(apiKey, debug, verifySSL);

var message = {

"content": {"sms" : "Sent via ShoutOUT Lite"},

"destinations" : ["94771234567"],

"source" : "ShoutDEMO",

"transports" : ["SMS"]


client.sendMessage(message, (error, result) => {

if(error) {

console.error('Error sending message!',error);

} else {

console.log('Sending message successful!',result);




Start sending SMS from your favourite application

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