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Saaraketha Increases Customer Conversions With Targeted and Personalized SMS Marketing Campaigns


Food Production

Company Size

11-50 employees

  • SMS templates help set up text message marketing campaigns quickly.
  • Scheduling facilitates planning marketing campaigns ahead.
  • Sending SMS with the company name results in increased open rates.
  • Custom attributes increase SMS personalization in mass texting customers.
  • The built-in link shortening feature helps reduce the number of characters.
  • Using short links and click tracking increase website traffic and conversions.
  • Analytics reports help monitor and improve campaign performance.
  • Insights on who exactly clicked the SMS links help understand customer behaviors.


Saaraketha Lifestyle is a Sri Lankan company that promotes a wide range of healthy products that are organic, ethical and sustainably sourced. They have a large number of customers interested in their organic produce, organic spices, herbs and grains, heirloom rice bread, natural sweeteners, oils, bath & body products, spreads and dips, etc.


The lack of a user-friendly bulk SMS marketing platform with personalization for promotional campaigns

Saaraketha updates their online store with the latest products and new stocks, regularly. However, they did not have a direct way to instantly inform all their customers about such updates, promotions and discounts. In addition, they also required a solution to bring more customers to their website with minimal marketing effort.

"This has been helpful, because every time we want to promote something we quickly drop an SMS. It has been successful and we’ve been using it quite a lot."


Quick text marketing campaigns with targeting, personalization and tracking


With the ShoutOUT Engage SMS campaign tool, Saaraketha Organics now easily sets up personalized SMS marketing campaigns within minutes. Without a hassle, they launch personalized text message campaigns to their customers as soon as they update new products and stocks on their website, or when they need to run a quick promotional campaign.

At the same time, they also use the built-in URL shortening feature in Engage to include short links to their website, in the SMS message content, to easily drive customers to their online shop. They also use the text message templates option to save and reuse frequently used SMS messages.

"The short link feature in Engage is very convenient and we use it for all our campaigns. Then there’s the tracking analytics where it shows how many people have clicked the link. We really like it because we have seen more conversions when we use the short link feature."


Increased customer conversion rates and website traffic

The'frequently used text message templates' feature as well as the scheduled text messages option have facilitated Saaraketha to quickly and easily set up a campaign with Engage and run promotional mass texting campaigns just the way they want.

In addition, Saaraketha has been able to have a more unique presence in their customers’ SMS inboxes by sending SMS with company name, as 'Saaraketha'. They have seen an increase in the open rate for their SMS, as a result.

The custom attributes feature to automatically include individual customer-specific information in the message content has helped them create perfect text campaigns with customization and personalization to appeal to each customer.

Most importantly, since the built-in URL shortener lets them include website links without having to worry about exceeding the number of text message characters, they have been including website links in all their SMS campaigns. This has directly resulted in a significant increase in their website traffic as well as conversions.


At the same time, Engage’s analytics reports based on click tracking have been assisting Saaraketha to monitor and improve their campaign performance. In fact, analytics gives Engage the edge over other campaign management platforms since it provides data on which customers exactly clicked the links to the website, in addition to data such as the number of SMS sent, delivered, opened, etc.

These insights have helped Saaraketha to analyze different customers and their behaviors, and correctly target the right customers with SMS personalization through the right type of campaign.

"We really like the option where we can send SMS with our own company name. We can choose how we want our SMS to be shown in our customers’ message inbox. In fact, we are starting another product and we can get another SMS ID to send separate campaigns under the new product name."

What Does Saaraketha Say About ShoutOUT?

They have been seeing amazing results since they started using ShoutOUT Engage for their personalized text message marketing campaigns. So, Saaraketha does not hesitate to recommend ShoutOUT Engage as a user-friendly and convenient SMS marketing software platform with excellent support from the team to create personalized marketing campaigns.

Moreover, they stated that they are planning to involve ShoutOUT Engage in their future projects as well. They are going to start a new brand, and given the success rate and ease of campaign management they have been experiencing so far with ShoutOUT in sending mass texts, they are planning to use ShoutOUT for the marketing purposes of that brand, too.

Well, that makes us as happy as we can be as team ShoutOUT, since we strive to provide a service that one user feels happy to recommend to others.

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